This month Climate Leaders Initiative-Mauritius decided to focus on Plastic Pollution in echo to the Plastic Free July event.
Plastic Free July challenges people to get informed about single-use plastic and then try to reduce their single-use plastic usage.

Why is plastic so bad you may wonder ?

+Well, first of all, we’re here talking about single-use plastic – don’t you find it insane that we’re using a material that took millions of year to form and will pretty much take forever to degrade for something we’d use for a few minutes ? [Talking here about this plastic straw you used for 10 minutes and that will surely be on earth longer than you…]

+They also do not decompose, but mostly breakdown, becoming micro-plastic – and good luck to clean-up that ! [This also links to microbeads and microfibers plastic pollution; if you wish you can watch the Story Of Stuff awesome short videos on that subject here  and here ]

+They transfer the pollutants they carry to the environment – even more when they are in water. Some particles of micro-plastic in the ocean can ended up being a million time more toxic than the water around it !

+Yes they can be recycled, but even then are mostly down-cycled (made into low grade product for just one more use). And recycling still requires quite some energy/resources…

+Plastic often makes it way up the food chain, from fishes to us if we eat these fishes [ Bon appetit! ! ], passing by these birds we all saw the pictures of, bellies full of plastic. And once again they carry these pollutants with them throughout the food chain…

+They increase our eco-footprint – plastic manufacturing consumes 6% of the world’s fossil fuels – and we all know how problematic fossil fuels are, right ?

+ And so much more… We truly encourage everyone to do their own researches as, as often with environmental subjects, it’s a huge one with many ramifications…

The up-side to all this though, is that alternatives do exist ! And that often these changes we wish for, can begin with each and every one of us… For example, you can switch everyday single use items made of plastic, like disposable water bottles or coffee cups, for re-usable ones ! You can find a list of switches to make to live a plastic free life from Plastic Free July website here – or from many others websites all around the web.

During this month we hence encouraged Climate Leaders to give plastic free living a try ! We also aimed to share awareness on this subject by posting one post each day on this subject on our Facebook page, and finally we wrote a letter to a few local businesses encouraging them to go toward a more Plastic Free & Zero Waste model.
We encourage all those wishing to do so to use this letter , or to write their own, to send to the businesses they’d like to see going Plastic Free & Zero Waste. Let us know how that goes !


We believe that individuals actions are so important, but why also not ask for changes on all levels ?

Here’s the PDF version of the letter :

& The french version of the letter :

& another document one of our leader came up with to highlight ways individuals can reduce their waste :

Feel free to use these documents & to let us know if you have any positive response !


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